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Books For Chefs is the largest online platform for gastronomic books in the world. We publish professional books for beginners or to perfect different pastry, chocolate making, ice cream making, baking, cuisine and bread disciplines. Our book authors are professional chefs with international recognition. Among them we find Ramon Morató, Amaury Guichon, Cédric Grolet, Xavi Donnay, Antonio Bachour, Frank Haasnoot, David Gil, Ksenia Penkina, Yohan Ferrant, Garuharu, and many more. Discover the best professional books on pastry, chocolate, ice cream, haute cuisine, baking and pastries with countless recipes.

The Art of Flavor - Amaury Guichon

Price 68.00€
Book The Art of Flavor by Amaury Guichon gathers 12 of his most exclusive desserts from more than 60 recipes, with great detail, techniques,...
Artisan Pâtissiers livre de Vincent Guerlais. New book Artisan Pâtissiers  by Vincent Guerlais

Artisan Pâtissiers - Vincent Guerlais

Price 39.00€
Les 60 recettes se dévoilent au gré des parfums et des couleurs. Religieuse mangue Passion, guimauve vanille, Mont-blanc cassis, chou pistache ou...

Babka Zana - Boulangerie Levantine

Price 29.00€
Babka  but also to  rugelachs ,  challah ,  sandwiches  and  borekas
Ma petite biscuiterie book by Christophe Felder and Camille Lesecq. Best book about cookies and biscuits

Ma petite biscuiterie - Christophe Felder and Camille Lesecq

Price 39.90€
A book about cookies by two great pastry chefs: Pastry cookies, filled, crunchy, for children, for special occasions, for Christmas... 🍪

Patisserie Collector Gold 10 Ans by Christophe Felder

Price 49.00€
Special gold edition with 233 recipes
Galettes livre de Christopher Felder and Camille Lesecq. Pastry book by Christopher Felder and Camille Lesecq

Galettes - Christophe Felder & Camille Lesecq

Price 39.00€
Le livre est découpé en trois parties: les techniques, les galettes et les brioches.  10 recettes de base, 40 recettes de galettes, techniques pas...

30 indispensable ice creams

Price 34.90€
Best Ice Cream book 2018  30 indispensable ice creams and sorbets have been selected to produce a suitable display case, at the same level as...