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The best magazines for the most restless chefs. With a biannual edition, So Good is the worldwide English magazine for "haute pâtisserie". Enjoy also the periodical publications of reference in Spanish for the pastry and bakery sectors, Dulcypas, for ice cream, Arte Heladero, and for haute cuisine, Saber y Sabor. 



This magazine (only available in spanish) is a faithful mirror for high-end pastry’s latest trends and technologies, with a varied cast of authors in each issue, combining young talents with professionals of recognized trajectory, both nationally and internationally.

So Good.. Magazine

Every six months, So Good.. arrives on the shelves of bookstores, schools, and workshops with a selection of around 25 chefs who offer their talent, creativity and technique, obtaining an unparalleled snapshot of the best pastry that is being created at the moment all around the world.

Arte Heladero

Artisan ice cream is going through one of the most dynamic and creative moments of recent times. Join Arte Heladero (only available in spanish)on the fabulous trip that it takes in each issue for the most restless ice cream makers both in our country and in the world.

Saber y Sabor

Techniques and concepts that turn a chef, a kitchen, a restaurant into something out of the ordinary. That is the core of the contents of Saber y Sabor, the magazine in spanish that has accompanied avant-garde chefs in Spain for the last 25 years.