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Core - Clare Smyth

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Clare Smyth's food is of superlative elegance and redefines  modern British cuisine.  

Signature Dishes - Amélie Vincent

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Fifty top chefs share their signature dishes : Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch from Disfrutar , Julien Royer from Odette ...

Fermentar - Fundamentos y técnicas de un arte milenario

Price 29.90€
This book offers a new theoretical framework, with its own classification system that covers all existing techniques. In addition, it resolves...

Food & Drink - Modernist Cuisine Photography

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Can food be art? You bet - So long as it's captured by photographers like Nathan Myhrvold! It’s a visual feast served up in a gorgeous...

Silvestre - Basque Culinary Center

Price 36.00€
Gourmand World's Best Book Award in the category of Best Food & Nature Book The Basque Culinary Center reveals the gastronomy of wild...

Japan - The Vegetarian Cookbook

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From the author of global bestseller Japan: The Cookbook, more than 250 delicious, healthy vegetarian Japanese recipes for home cooks

Disfrutar Vol.1

Price 175.00€
The first book of Castro, Xatruch and Casañas, about the restaurant Disfrutar.


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The first cookbook from London’s cult favorite restaurant BAO offers a taste of Taiwanese food culture with 100 signature recipes for steamed...

Central - Virgilio Martínez

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Dos Palillos

Price 45.00€
A monumental book that approaches the restaurant that Ferran Adrià does not hesitate to qualify as the most important Asian restaurant outside of...