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Ferran Adrià - Sapiens of food delivery (Bullipedia)

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Sapiens of Food Delivery is a research project whose aim is to understand the complex and rapidly evolving food delivery channel through applying...

Ferran Adrià - Cocoa and Chocolate Sapiens. From the cocoa plant and into chocolate (Bullipedia)

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Through the Sapiens methodology created by Ferran Adrià and elBullifoundation , the aim is to understand chocolate and cocoa.

Dos Palillos

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A monumental book that approaches the restaurant that Ferran Adrià does not hesitate to qualify as the most important Asian restaurant outside of...

Silvestre - Basque Culinary Center

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The Basque Culinary Center reveals the gastronomy of wild plants and herbs. From how to recognize them in their habitat to recipes to extract...

Bocata - Jonas Cramby

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NEW IN 100 classic sandwiches from the Reuben to the Po'boy