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So Good Recipes 3

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NEW AND NOTEWORTHY The most complete modern pastry recipe book ,  with  more than 1,800 recipes from issues 17 to 24 of so good......

So Good no 26

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26 pastry chefs come together in this so good.. 26 to continue sharing, because sharing is a way of moving forward, a way of growing, a way...

So Good no 25

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A crossroads between the innovative restaurant dessert, classic shop pastry, and that irresistible product just out of the oven

So Good no 24

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A crossroads between youth, boldness, and the weight of well-understood tradition.

So Good Recipes 2

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A unique manual that includes all the recipes of issues 9 to 16 of so good, duly classified by type of product, ingredient, and chef

So Good no 22

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Pastry is reinvented on a daily basis by the hands of French and European grand masters, but also by its skilled renovators from America and...

So Good no 21

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Couvreur, Haasnoot, Comaschi, and Morat ó together brimming with avant-garde pastry techniques and styles

So Good no 20

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Modernity, innovation, creativity. Discover the talent of great international chefs to redefine the styles of restaurant and shop pastry

So Good no 19

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What happens to creativity when it interacts with culinary cultures with a lot of personality, with revisited pastry classics, or with...

So Good no 18

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Beautiful, Surprising, Playful, Sensitive, Elegant, Transgressive, Crunchy, Technological, Centenary, Innovative, Avant-garde ,Thorough, Healthy...