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The Chocolatier's Shop - Callebaut

Price 39.00€
The practical guide to the chocolate shop. In The Chocolatier's Shop you will find answers and advice to all questions to start or expand your...
Glaces et Sorbets livre de Eva Harlé

Glaces et Sorbets - Eva Harlé

Price 14.90€
Des grands classiques aux recettes plus audacieuses, découvrez tous les secrets pour réussir vos glaces et sorbets maison. 

Le Cordon Bleu - Confectionery School

Price 49.90€
Le Cordon Bleu - Confectionery School 90 Step-by-Step Recipes COMING SOON. SEPTEMBER 2024
Book Vegan Pastry by Pierre Hermé

Vegan Pastry - Pierre Hermé

Price 43.90€
What Pierre Hermé loves most in his culinary world is finding new tastes , experimenting with new techniques and letting his imagination...
Book Vegalicious Cheesecakes by Ilse R. Pinner

Vegalicious Cheesecakes - Ilse R. Pinner

Price 32.00€
Vegalicious Cheesecakes, Bakery-Style Plant-Based Cheesecakes and Treats
Book Queen of Cakes: Gluten-Free by Mona Tähtinen

The Queen of Cakes: Gluten-Free - Mona Tähtinen

Price 35.00€
These tantalizing delights are all about sharing cherished moments and celebrating with loved ones. The recipes in the book are gluten-free.
Book Richard Hart Bread: Intuitive Sourdough Baking

Richard Hart Bread - Intuitive Sourdough Baking

Price 51.50€
NOVEMBER 2024 A comprehensive guide to the craft of baking bread , featuring more than 60 recipes filled with all the expertise and...
Book The Professional Chef by The Culinary Institute of America

The Professional Chef - The Culinary Institute of America

Price 90.75€
This updated 10th Edition presents the skills and quality standards needed to master the fundamentals of cooking. A refreshed, modern design...
Book The Vegan Ice Cream Bible: 120 Recipes for Ices, Sorbets and Frozen Desserts by Lucy Allary

The Vegan Ice Cream Bible: 120 Recipes for Ices, Sorbets and Frozen Desserts - Lucy Allary

Price 39.90€
Lucy Allary developed the concept of creamy, plant-based ice cream and, due to its success, opened a vegan ice cream parlor in 2020. As much...
Book Fragile by Lorenzo Puca

Fragile - Lorenzo Puca

Price 120.00€
  • New
The artistic technique of sugar and the philosophy of the World Champion
Book La Frittura in Pasticceria by Franco Antoniazzi, Massimo Carnio

La Frittura in Pasticceria - Franco Antoniazzi, Massimo Carnio

Price 50.00€
  • New
Immerse a carefully and diligently prepared product into previously heated fat until the desired golden brown. This is the essence of frying .
Book La Grande Piccola Pasticceria by Alessandro Dalmaso

La Grande Piccola Pasticceria - Alessandro Dalmaso

Price 65.00€
  • New
What is more exciting than  Alessandro Dalmasso  is his "giving life" to the  mignon pastry , from the  choice of ingredients ,  equipment  and...

GenialMente Freddo - Leonardo Di Carlo

Price 160.00€
  • New
Leonardo Di Carlo again breaks the mould and bursts in with a new manual of almost 1,000 pages, and over 1,000 recipes , to plumb the infinite...
Book Omnia Fermenta. Tecnologia Degli Impasti A Lievito Madre by Giambattista Montanari

Omnia Fermenta. Tecnologia Degli Impasti A Lievito Madre - Giambattista Montanari

Price 80.00€
  • New
Omnia Fermenta. Tecnologia Degli Impasti A Lievito Madre  is the fruit of Giambattista Montanari's deep and incessant research into the world...
Sugar book. CoKorico by Stéphane Klein

CoKorico - Stéphane Klein

Price 90.00€
  • New
Discover the secrets of working with artistic sugar with Stéphane Klein in his latest book CoKorico.
Book Scienza e Tecnologia del Gelato Artigianale by Luca Caviezel

Scienza e Tecnologia del Gelato Artigianale - Luca Caviezel

Price 65.00€
  • New
Luca Caviezel reworks, deepens, and updates his seminal work, reintroducing to the world of Artisan Gelato the new edition of "Scienza e...