Essence - Jesús Escalera

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Essence by Jesús Escalera. The importance of aromas in the creation of new ice creams and desserts.  A different manual full of practical...
so good magazine 31. Best pastry magazine. Best pastry recipes. Patisserie

so good no 31

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Is this the craziest issue of so good.. magazine in recent years? The answer is yes.
so cool.. magazine 1. Best ice cream magazine. Best ice cream recipes

so cool.. No 1

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First world's signature ice cream magazine On the cover, Frozen croissant with apple tatin by David Gil and Albert Soler
so good.. magazine 30. so good magazine 30. magazine of haute patisserie. pastry magazine. Amaury Guichon

so good no 30

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BEST MAGAZINE OF HAUTE PÂTISSERE - #30 Discover what we do  @sogoodmag
Book Remember 28ºC by Jose Romero. Best panettone book. Panettone recipes. How to make panettone

Remember 28ºC - Jose Romero

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Best panettone book: At 28ºC , we prepare and ferment the sourdough. At  28ºC , we extract the first dough from the mixer. At  28ºC  the first...
RADIX book by Paco Torreblanca

RADIX - Paco Torreblanca

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The essential pastry, without masks, whose base is the knife and the oven. The one which does not need to be in fashion.
mini book by xavi donnay. contemporary pastry dedicated to the small format

Mini - Xavi Donnay

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NEW MOLDS  HERE Mini by Xavi Donnay is the first great book on contemporary pastry dedicated to the small format.  More than 65...
Evolution book by Jordi Puigvert

Evolution - Jordi Puigvert

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4th EDITION Evolution focuses on the so-called technological ingredients. Introducing new and advantageous ingredients, simplifying the...

Obsession - Oriol Balaguer

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obsession is the expression of a creator in his highest professional fulfillment. Oriol Balaguer leaves his mark on a work of great beauty that...

PRISMA - Frank Haasnoot

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Unique style, multicultural influences, and amazing finishes come together in a cohesive book from start to finish.
Best pastry book ever. Files book by Ramon Morató

Files - Ramon Morató

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Best pastry book ever. Ramon Morató proposes in his new book Files, nutrition, chocolate, current trends, such as the change inconsumer...
Best chocolate book by Ramon Morató

6th Ed. Chocolate - Ramon Morató

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6th EDITION  Chocolate book by Ramon Morató.  200 recipes ,  18 cakes and individual cakes ,  24 bonbons ,  10 turrons, 5 snacks, 8 desserts...
so good.. magazine 29. so good. best pastry magazine. pastry recipes. pastry chefs

so good no 29

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BEST MAGAZINE OF HAUTE PÂTISSERE - #29 To reflect, learn, and enjoy Discover what we do @sogoodmag

Bachour Buffets - Antonio Bachour

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Break! book by Eric Ortuño with recipes about cookies, biscuits, petit fours and tea pastries

Break! - Eric Ortuño

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Eric Ortuño's book with more than 60 recipes about  tea pastries, cookies, biscuits and petit fours.
Oh là là book by Yohan Ferrant. Best bakery and viennoiserie book

Oh là là! - Yohan Ferrant

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Oh Là Là! by Yohan Ferrant is considered the best creative bakery and viennoiserie book. The book delves into the key ingredients and...

DPAS - Premium Subscription

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You will learn about the most current trends , interviews of the sector, you will discover the best chefs , thousands of recipes and you...