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Oh là là book by Yohan Ferrant. Best bakery and viennoiserie book

Oh là là! - Yohan Ferrant

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NEW! A practical guide to creative bakery and viennoiserie 🥖🍞🥐
Bachour Gastro by Antonio Bachour

Bachour Gastro - Antonio Bachour

Price €49.90
2nd EDITION Due to its great sales success, we have released the second edition of Bachour Gastro, Antonio Bachour's most gastronomic book...
Best pastry book ever. Files book by Ramon Morató

Files - Ramon Morató

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AWARD-WINNING DESIGN 2022  Best pastry book ever. Ramon Morató proposes in his new book Files, nutrition, chocolate, current trends, such...

So Good no 28

Price €29.00
BEST MAGAZINE OF HAUTE PÂTISSERE - #28 The oven, lightness, design, latest techniques and ingredients come together in so good.. 28 Discover...
Pack so good.. recipes

Pack so good.. recipes

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Three volumes in one!  The most extensive, complete and up-to-date recipe collection in international haute pâtisserie.  More than 4.600...
Signature Viennoiseries by Johan Martin

Signature Viennoiseries - Johan Martin

Price €89.00
CONTAINS QR CODES THAT LEAD TO VIDEOS 📹   Signature Viennoiseries book by Johan Martin includes  50 signature recipes, going from classic...
Best gluten, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan recipes book by Richard Hawke

Adapt - Richard Hawke

Price €69.90
Best baguette book ever. All About Baguette book by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester

All About Baguette

Price €39.00
LATEST RELEASE Best baguette book. Includes  15 unique recipes , ranging from the Paris baguette to Aperitif or Walnut.
Best book about croissant. All About Croissant book by Jeremy Ballester and Jean-Marie Lanio

All About Croissant

Price €39.00
MAKE THE PERFECT CROISSANT 🥐 Book All About Croissant by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester with 15 croissant recipes . This is a...
Break! book by Eric Ortuño with recipes about cookies, biscuits, petit fours and tea pastries

Break! - Eric Ortuño

Price €54.90
TRENDY BOOK! 🔥 Eric Ortuño's book with more than 60 recipes about  tea pastries, cookies, biscuits and petit fours.
So Good Magazine no 27. Best pastry magazine ever

So Good no 27

Price €29.00
BEST MAGAZINE OF HAUTE PÂTISSERE - #27 Learn about personal improvement, dreams come true, effort and sacrifice, recipes, techniques,...
All the recipes from so good.. magazine 17 to 24 in one unique volume

So Good Recipes 3

Price €29.00
BESTSELLER The most complete modern pastry recipe book ,  with  more than 1,800 recipes from issues 17 to 24 of so good... magazine....
Jordi Bordas - Pastelería más saludable, ligera y sabrosa

Jordi Bordas - Healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry

Price €36.50
HEALTHY, LIGHTER AND TASTY PASTRY Learn the basic pastry techniques , discover new ingredients with a positive impact on our health and...
Best chocolate book by Ramon Morató

Chocolate - Ramon Morató

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WORLD'S BEST CHOCOLATE BOOK (Gourmand World Cookbook Awards) - 5th EDITION  Chocolate book by Ramon Morató.  200 recipes ,  18 cakes and...
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Best ice cream book. The secrets of ice cream by Angelo Corvitto

The secrets of ice cream - Angelo Corvitto

Price €94.00
Best technical book on gelato making - 3rd Edition🍦 Learn how to prepare the best possible top quality ice-cream,  adapted to your own...