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The secrets of ice cream - Angelo Corvitto

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Best technical book on gelato making - 4th Edition🍦 Learn how to prepare the best possible top quality ice-cream,  adapted to your own...

30 indispensable ice creams

Price 25.00€
Best Ice Cream book 2018  30 indispensable ice creams and sorbets have been selected to produce a suitable display case, at the same level as...

Ice Cream According to Østerberg

Price 49.90€
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Ice cream according to Østerberg is all about being creative, understanding the science of ice cream and having fun along the way. The recipes are...

GIVRÉ. L'art de la pâtisserie glacée en 60 recettes – Emmanuel Ryon

Price 43.90€
Crèmes glacées et sorbets, gâteaux de voyage, fruits givrés, esquimaux, granités, yaourts, desserts glacés, mais aussi macarons et boissons par...

The Perfect Scoop - David Lebovitz

Price 29.90€
200 recipes for ice creams, sorbets, gelatos, granitas and sweet accompaniments by David Lebovitz.

-12°C Gelato - Bas van Haaren & Nils Hendrikse

Price 59.90€
How do you create your own Gelato recipes based on pure ingredients, which raw materials do you use and how do you adjust them into exciting, high...

Gelatology - Paolo Cappellini

Price 115.00€
Gelatology è un manuale teorico e pratico che racchiude tutto ciò che c'è da sapere sul gelato e sulla sua produzione , un vero e proprio...