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So Good Recipes 1 - Digital

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The most extensive, complete and up-to-date recipe collection in international haute pâtisserie. In one unique volume we have included a complete...
30 Indispensable Ice Creams Ebook

30 Indispensable Ice Creams - Ebook

Price 19.90€
THE GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOK AWARDS '18 30 indispensable ice creams and sorbets have been selected to produce a suitable display case, at the...

Digital - 30 platos que han cambiado la cocina / saber y sabor 191

Price 15.90€
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Belén Melamed new Ebook. 10 recipes of modern pastry by Belén Melamed

Belén Melamed - Ebook

Price 35.90€
10 modern pastry recipes by Belén Melamed
Paco Torreblanca eBook

Paco Torreblanca - ebook

Price 15.90€
Classical creations of the great Spanish pastry master like the capuchina, the panettone, or the bell of Isomalt, shown with all luxury of details

True Bread - Ebook

Price 9.90€
Compendium of Spanish, French and Italian specialties executed with solvency and explained as it is, with no gimmicks or catches

Woman, elegance & oven - Tetyana Verbytska

Price 32.00€
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30 new creations to the delight of professionals and amateurs

Play Ebook

Price 5.99€
The pdf contains 2 books in 1. First the Spanish version, after you can find the english version of the book. 

DPAS - Digital Subscription

Price 49.00€
You will learn about the most  current trends ,  interviews  of the sector, you will discover the  best chefs ,  thousands of recipes  and you...

Digital - Saber y Sabor 194 - III/2023

Price 9.90€
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