Discover the best chocolate books in the world. Learn how to make chocolate and perfect the technique with the best chocolatiers in the world: Ramon Morató, Enric Monzonis, Albert Daví, Lluc Crusellas, Amaury Guichon, Antonio Bachour. Discover recipes for cakes, chocolate mousses, chocolates, desserts, milkshakes, chocolate decorations, preparations such as chocolate creams, jellies, whipped creams, pralines and glazes. Discover the best professional chocolate recipes in Books For Chefs.

The Chocolatier's Kitchen book by Davide Comaschi with chocolate recipes

The Chocolatier's Kitchen - Callebaut

Price 120.00€
Callebaut launches The Chocolatier's Kitchen, an ambitious bonbon treaty by seven prestigious chefs : Davide Comaschi, Philippe Vancayseele,...
Best chocolate book by Ramon Morató

6th Ed. Chocolate - Ramon Morató

Price 99.00€
6th EDITION  Chocolate book by Ramon Morató.  200 recipes ,  18 cakes and individual cakes ,  24 bonbons ,  10 turrons, 5 snacks, 8 desserts...
Chocolat book by Maja Vase

Chocolat - Maja Vase

Price 49.90€
CHOCOLAT by Maja Vase is a fusion of her two popular e-books Chocolate Entremets & Chocolate Tarts  in a hardcover format
mini book by xavi donnay. contemporary pastry dedicated to the small format

Mini - Xavi Donnay

Price 55.00€
NEW MOLDS  HERE Contemporary pâtisserie in mini format
Best pastry book ever. Files book by Ramon Morató

Files - Ramon Morató

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Best pastry book ever. Ramon Morató proposes in his new book Files, nutrition, chocolate, current trends, such as the change inconsumer...
The Alphabet Pack by Cacao Barry

The Alphabet Pack - English Version

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Packaged for Life: Chocolate Book

Packaged for Life: Chocolate

Price 43.90€
Packaged for Life: Chocolate features a delectable collection of creative packaging design work for one of the most popular snacks in the world...
The Chocolate Spoon book by Silver Spoon Kitchen

The Chocolate Spoon - Silver Spoon Kitchen

Price 37.95€
A masterclass in baking and working with 100 chocolate recipes by the prestigious Silver Spoon family. Includes valuable tips for tackling more...

The Chocolatier's Shop - Callebaut

Price 39.00€
The practical guide to the chocolate shop. In The Chocolatier's Shop you will find answers and advice to all questions to start or expand your...
WHIP book by Frank Haasnoot. 50 recipes about pastries, chocolates, ice-cream, travel cakes

WHIP - Frank Haasnoot

Price 79.95€
WHIP puts the creative process on full display with a dynamic and seductive collection of 50 focussed printed on 436 pages about pastries,...

Bachour Buffets - Antonio Bachour

Price 64.90€
Oh La La Chocolat book by Oriol Balaguer

Oh La La Chocolat - Oriol Balaguer

Price 24.95€
The new book of the great pastry chef Oriol Balaguer, recognized as one of the best pastry chefs in the world, is dedicated entirely to one of his...
Ma petite chocolaterie, 160 recettes gourmandes livre de Christophe Felder et Camille Lesecq

Ma Petite Chocolaterie - Christophe Felder, Camille Lesecq

Price 39.00€
160 recettes gourmandes  
Pralinarium book by Andrey Dubovik. It is a handbook on praline design with augmented reality tutorials

Pralinarium - Andrey Dubovik

Price 139.00€
Handbook on praline design with augmented reality tutorials

Audaces de chocolat - Chocolaterie Weiss

Price 30.00€
Cocoa book by Damien Wager. Petit Gateaux, Macarons, Tarts, Snacks, Macarons, Vegan creations and Travel-Cakes recipes

Cocoa - Damien Wager

Price 79.90€
Petit Gateaux, Macarons, Tarts, Snacks, Macarons, Vegan creations and Travel-Cakes, all of which feature cocoa powder as a prominent...

Bleu Chocolat - Stéphane Leroux

Price 175.00€
Chocolate elevated to a new category of technical innovation and artistic sensitivity

El gran manual del chocolatero

Price 30.00€
100 recipes of pure chocolate

Ferran Adrià - Cocoa and Chocolate Sapiens. From the cocoa plant and into chocolate (Bullipedia)

Price 58.90€
Through the Sapiens methodology created by Ferran Adrià and elBullifoundation , the aim is to understand chocolate and cocoa.