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Best professional baking and viennoiseries books in the world. Discover how to make the best breads, sourdough, croissants, baguettes, brioches, puff pastries, panettone and master kneading, resting the dough, rolling, cutting and baking bread. Best bread books by the best bakers such as Yohan Ferrant, Daniel Álvarez, Paco Torreblanca, Johan Martin, Thomas Teffri-Chambelland and many others.

Book Remember 28ºC by Jose Romero. Best panettone book. Panettone recipes

Remember 28ºC - Jose Romero

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At  28ºC , we prepare and ferment the sourdough. At  28ºC , we extract the first dough from the mixer. At  28ºC  the first fermentation takes...
Oh là là book by Yohan Ferrant. Best bakery and viennoiserie book

Oh là là! - Yohan Ferrant

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A practical guide to creative bakery and viennoiserie 🥖🍞🥐

Bachour Buffets - Antonio Bachour

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True Bread book by Joaquín Llarás

True Bread - Joaquín Llarás

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A professional guide to breads and enriched doughs with more than 40 different creations: 25 bread and 15 enriched dough recipes
Best book about croissant. All About Croissant book by Jeremy Ballester and Jean-Marie Lanio

All About Croissant

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MAKE THE PERFECT CROISSANT 🥐 Book All About Croissant by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester with 15 croissant recipes . This is a...
Best baguette book ever. All About Baguette book by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester

All About Baguette

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LATEST RELEASE Best baguette book. Includes  15 unique recipes , ranging from the Paris baguette to Aperitif or Walnut.

Pack All About 🥖 🥐

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Exclusive offer! Learn how to make the  perfect croissant and the perfect baguette with a total of 30 recipes and a step-by-step guide. A...
RADIX book by Paco Torreblanca

RADIX - Paco Torreblanca

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The essential pastry, without masks, whose base is the knife and the oven. The one which does not need to be in fashion.
Lune croissanterie book. Lune: Eating Croissants All Day, Every Day - Kate Reid

Lune: Eating Croissants All Day, Every Day - Kate Reid

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With step-by-step techniques for rolling and shaping croissants, followed by recipes for every hour of the day,  plus what to do with...

Bread. Art. Works - Ireks

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When bread becomes art
Pains book by Karima El Makhloufi

Pains - Karima El Makhloufi

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60 recipes for breads and buns from around the world selected by Karima El Makhloufi
Signature Viennoiseries by Johan Martin

Signature Viennoiseries - Johan Martin

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Signature Viennoiseries book by Johan Martin includes  50 signature recipes, going from classic butter croissants to pain au chocolat, vegan...
Mes flans pâtissiers par Ju Chamalo

Mes flans pâtissiers - Ju Chamalo

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Livre Mes flans pâtissiers de Ju Chamalo. Ju nous propose une cinquantaine de recettes de flans, du traditionnel flan vanille au flan fruité, en...
La Pâtisserie livre de Jeffrey Cagnes

La Pâtisserie - Jeffrey Cagnes

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Rassemblant 90 recettes, on y retrouve certaines des créations emblématiques de la Maison Jeffrey Cagnes Paris, mais aussi de nouvelles recettes...
Flan book. 51 unpublished flan recipes by many great pastry chefs.

Flan - François Blanc

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51 unpublished flan recipes by many great pastry chefs.

Le Petit Manuel Du Flan - Mélanie Dupuis

Price 24.90€
Basic recipes for making plain, flavored or filled flans. 

Le Petit Manuel Du Pain - Mélanie Dupuis

Price 24.90€
Basic recipes for making plain, flavored or filled flans. 

Le Petit Manuel De La Brioche - Mélanie Dupuis

Price 24.90€
Make soft buns like a baker!

Le Petit Manuel De La Viennoiserie - Mélanie Dupuis

Price 24.90€
Discover 40 viennoiserie recipes!

Le Petit Manuel Du Chou - Mélanie Dupuis

Price 24.90€
40 choux-based recipes

Modernist Pizza

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The multivolume set is much more than a cookbook: it’s an indispensable resource for anyone who loves pizza.