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So Good no 28

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BEST MAGAZINE OF HAUTE PÂTISSERE - #28 The oven, lightness, design, latest techniques and ingredients come together in so good.. 28 Discover...
Arte Heladero 208, best icre cream magazine

arte heladero 208 - IV/2022

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Best ice cream magazine  🍦🍨 You will find bean to bar dark chocolate ice cream , Mocha with freshly whipped cream, Ruby chocolate ice cream...

Dulcypas 491 - IV 2022

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🚀 Free shipping of Dulcypas in Spain Dulcypas 491 magazine with a total of 174 recipes, 48 ​​complete creations, 20 chefs and 132 photos...


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Haute cuisine magazine
Ma petite biscuiterie book by Christophe Felder and Camille Lesecq. Best book about cookies and biscuits

Ma petite biscuiterie - Christophe Felder and Camille Lesecq

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A book about cookies by two great pastry chefs: Pastry cookies, filled, crunchy, for children, for special occasions, for Christmas... 🍪
Jordi Bordas - Pastelería más saludable, ligera y sabrosa

Jordi Bordas - Healthier, lighter, and tastier pastry

Price €36.50
HEALTHY, LIGHTER AND TASTY PASTRY Learn the basic pastry techniques , discover new ingredients with a positive impact on our health and...
Best baguette book ever. All About Baguette book by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester

All About Baguette

Price €39.00
LATEST RELEASE Best baguette book. Includes  15 unique recipes , ranging from the Paris baguette to Aperitif or Walnut.
All the recipes from so good.. magazine 17 to 24 in one unique volume

So Good Recipes 3

Price €29.00
BESTSELLER The most complete modern pastry recipe book ,  with  more than 1,800 recipes from issues 17 to 24 of so good... magazine....
Pack so good.. recipes

Pack so good.. recipes

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Three volumes in one!  The most extensive, complete and up-to-date recipe collection in international haute pâtisserie.  More than 4.600...

Sapiens del cacao y el chocolate - Ferran Adrià, Bullipedia

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Through the Sapiens methodology created by Ferran Adrià and elBullifoundation , the aim is to understand chocolate and cocoa.

Babka Zana - Boulangerie Levantine

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Babka  but also to  rugelachs ,  challah ,  sandwiches  and  borekas
Paris-Kyoto book. La pâtisserie franco-japonaise - Pâtisserie TOMO

Paris-Kyoto: La pâtisserie franco-japonaise - Pâtisserie TOMO

Price €29.00
FRANCO-JAPANESE PÂTISSERIE 🇫🇷🇯🇵  A total of 50 recipes : Mochi, daifuku, dorayaki, paris-kyoto, matcha cake... Pâtisserie TOMO

Pack All About 🥖 🥐

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Exclusive offer! Learn how to make the  perfect croissant and the perfect baguette with a total of 30 recipes and a step-by-step guide. A...
Mes flans pâtissiers par Ju Chamalo

Mes flans pâtissiers - Ju Chamalo

Price €24.90
Livre Mes flans pâtissiers de Ju Chamalo. Ju nous propose une cinquantaine de recettes de flans, du traditionnel flan vanille au flan fruité, en...
Edible Art by Damien Wager

Edible Art - Damien Wager

Price €79.90
Edible Art book by Damien Wager.  Petit Gateaux, Macarons, Chocolate Bonbons, Entremet & Tarts recipes.
Breaking the Mould book by Damien Wager

Breaking the Mould - Damien Wager

Price €79.90
Breaking the Mould by Damien Wager primarily focuses on Petit Gateaux, Macarons & Tarts. Comprising of 43 items, and over 150 sub-recipes....
BREAD And My Thoughts book by Thomas Teffri-Chambelland

BREAD And My Thoughts

Price €44.90
Book BREAD And My Thoughts by Thomas Teffri-Chambelland. You will learn the  secrets of artisanal sourdough baking,  master sourdough...
Premio Dulcypas Mejor Pasta de Té Artesana de España 2022

Mejor Pasta de Té - 2022

Price €24.90

Je veux faire un gâteau mais je n'ai pas.... de farine, de beurre, d'oeuf, de sucre

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Sweet dreams. Professional pastry with an Italian accent - Riccardo Magni

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Essenzia by Leyre Pedrazuela

Essenzia - Leyre Pedrazuela

Price €24.90
Essenzia book by Leyre Pedrazuela. Natural pastry recipes which can be made either traditional , gluten free or Vegan.
Silvestre book by Basque Culinary Center. The gastronomy of wild plants and herbs

Silvestre - Basque Culinary Center

Price €36.00
The Basque Culinary Center reveals the gastronomy of wild plants and herbs. From how to recognize them in their habitat to recipes to extract...

Bocata - Jonas Cramby

Price €24.95
NEW IN 100 classic sandwiches from the Reuben to the Po'boy