Discover the best professional pastry books in the world through the best pastry chefs: Ramon Morató, Antonio Bachour, Cédric Grolet, Saray Ruiz, Eric Ortuño, Raúl Bernal, Frank Haasnoot, Lluc Crusellas, Amaury Guichon and many more. You will learn the best pastry technique, pastry recipes and ideas to create the best cakes, tarts, biscuits, chocolates, tartlets, bonbons and much more.

RADIX book by Paco Torreblanca

RADIX - Paco Torreblanca

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The essential pastry, without masks, whose base is the knife and the oven. The one which does not need to be in fashion.
Book Sugarworks by Paco Torreblanca

Sugarworks - Paco Torreblanca

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Sugar transformed into an artistic substance so as to give shape to this author’s more personal works of art. Technique, step-by-step booklet,...
Paco Torreblanca book

Paco Torreblanca

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Fourth Edition Classical creations of the great Spanish pastry master, Paco Torreblanca like the capuchina, the panettone, or the bell of...
Evolution book by Jordi Puigvert

Evolution - Jordi Puigvert

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4th EDITION Evolution focuses on the so-called technological ingredients. Introducing new and advantageous ingredients, simplifying the...
Best baguette book ever. All About Baguette book by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester

All About Baguette

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LATEST RELEASE Best baguette book. Includes  15 unique recipes , ranging from the Paris baguette to Aperitif or Walnut.
Best book about croissant. All About Croissant book by Jeremy Ballester and Jean-Marie Lanio

All About Croissant

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MAKE THE PERFECT CROISSANT 🥐 Book All About Croissant by Jean-Marie Lanio and Jérémy Ballester with 15 croissant recipes . This is a...

Pack All About

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Exclusive offer! Learn how to make the  perfect croissant and the perfect baguette with a total of 30 recipes and a step-by-step guide. A...

Obsession - Oriol Balaguer

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obsession is the expression of a creator in his highest professional fulfillment. Oriol Balaguer leaves his mark on a work of great beauty that...

Imperfect Books - Obsession

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These books  are labeled as "imperfect"  due to minor scratches which is why they are being offered at a discounted price. If you'd like to see...
True Bread book by Joaquín Llarás

True Bread - Joaquín Llarás

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A professional guide to breads and enriched doughs with more than 40 different creations: 25 bread and 15 enriched dough recipes
Best pastry book. Sweet Concepts by Gregory Doyen includes signature cakes, mini sweets, modern entremets and pastries recipes

Sweet Concepts - Gregory Doyen

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Sweet Concepts book by Gregory Doyen includes 45 signature cakes, mini sweets, modern entremets and pastries recipes