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Discover the techniques to create, stabilize, control water activity, and preserve all types of chocolate fillings: ganaches, pralines, giandujas...

Chocolat book by Maja Vase

Chocolat - Maja Vase

Price 49.90€
CHOCOLAT by Maja Vase is a fusion of her two popular e-books Chocolate Entremets & Chocolate Tarts  in a hardcover format
The Science of Chocolate

The Science of Chocolate

Price 39.00€
The Science of Chocolate leads the reader to an understanding of the complete chocolate making process and includes the ways in which basic...

Casa Cacao - Jordi Roca

Price 35.00€
This book describes the search undertaken by Jordi Roca from that moment on. The aim is to re-learn to know cocoa in order to continue advancing:...

Cacao - Pierre Marcolini

Price 45.60€
10 grands crus of plantations from all over the world subjected to the technique and creative talent of this chef of Belgian origin, from the...
Best pastry book ever. Files book by Ramon Morató

Files - Ramon Morató

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Best pastry book ever. Ramon Morató proposes in his new book Files, nutrition, chocolate, current trends, such as the change inconsumer...

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