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claire heitzler, in search of perfection
lauren v. haas, ‘while skill is important, heart and passion are what makes a pastry chef great’
melissa coppel, freshness and lots of creativity
claire damon, covenant with nature
loretta fanella, everyday magic
kirsten tibballs, organic
marike van beurden, talent and self-respect in equal measure
meg galus, hotel sweet
maria selyanina, personality and determination
janice wong, restless spirit
javier guillén, changing the rules
andy vorbusch, the driver of the change
yann duytsche, afternoon tea and chocolate
andoni luis aduriz, essence and game
ryan clift, with a bang
luciano garcía, the value of a classic
dominik fitz, from the gastronomic vantage point
l’ècole du grand chocolat, designing gourmand pleasure
eskoyama, unknown tastes of kyoto
eran schvartzbard, balanced amusement
denis dianin, D&G design and glamour
frederic monti, mont-blanc vacherin
oberweis, a great family brand
colectivo 21 brix, kneading the union

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  • ISSN 2013-2034
  • Size 23 x 29,7 cm
  • Language English
  • Author/s Check out the summary
  • Published in 2014
  • Weight 1,9 kg

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