Natsuko Shoji - Interview: ‘‘At my cake shop, I only make cakes by request. In this way, there’s no wastage.’’

‘At my cake shop, I only make cakes by request. In this way, there’s no wastage.’’


How could we explain what sustainability consists of in the world of gastronomy in general and in patisserie in particular?

Not only zero waste or food milage, I think it is important to sustain our industry itself. Nowadays, especially after the covid crisis, the food industry and its surroundings are in danger. For the younger generation, they need a successful role model. So I started teaching that to my alma mater, while I try to raise the next generation. In the pastry section, we can do many things. For example, I have a restaurant and a cake shop, and at the cake shop, I only make cakes by request. In this way, there’s no wastage.


Why is it necessary for pastry chefs to become aware of practicing sustainable pastry?

Everything on our earth is limited, and we need to use it wisely.


How can sustainable pastry be practiced? Can you give some examples of practices that you have incorporated into your daily work?

I introduced the biodegradable compost to my alma mater, and every trimmed part of ingredients from my restaurant and the cake shop go there. The students use the compost to fertilize their vegetable garden, and harvest the vegetables from there, and use them at the cooking class. And the trimmed part from the cooking class also goes to biodegradable compost. It’s a beautiful cycle.

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What can the sector do, from the pastry chef to the supplier of products and raw materials, including schools, to contribute to sustainability?

We can change the ingredients to organic, low-environmental impact produce. For example, I use mango from the greenhouse, but to warm up the greenhouse, the natural heat from a hot spring and ‘tempura’ oil are used.

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Discover Natsuko Shoji recipes in so good.. magazine #29

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