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tickets-albert adrià, come in, taste and enjoy  

shawn gawle, fresh and seasonal  

quentin bailly, a chocolate-flavored dream 

yoshinori matsushima, the competition master  

jürgen koens, poetic cadence 

wolfgang kießling, glo-cal identity  

julien álvarez, a matter of balance  

maison dalloyau-yann brys, leading a living legend 

jm rodríguez guerola, cherry time 

sven elverfeld, pleasure in giving pleasure 

takashi ochiai, real japanese pastry, made in barcelona  

martin lippo, the one-chef-band 

jean michel perruchon, savoir-faire’s heir  

rolf muerner, in search of new creations  

alon goldman, israel’s ambassador of sweet  

anna polyviou, living pastry  

jean-francois devineau, the pastry globetrotter 

christophe michalak, red-hot 

kirsten tibballs, scenic metaphors  

carles mampel, savory incursions  

joseph baker, innovation from nostalgia  


sam mason, the roads less traveled  

la vie en rose, the pastry queen story  

chris ford, the workshop behind the lens  

terre adélice, turning the small into large  

guiness record for qzina’s chocolate mayan temple  

interview with juan carlos arroyave from granjaLuker

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  • ISSN 2013-2034
  • Formato 23 x 29,7 cm
  • Idioma English
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