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All about Viennoiserie


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In this online masterclasses Chef Angelo Van Toorn will be showcasing some of his All About Viennoiserie from start to finish. Together with the Video and the recipes you can easily recreate these products in your kitchen.

Total recipes  in this masterclass: 18

Recipes included in the All about Viennoiserie Program:

  • Banana Bread
    A sweet moist quick bread made with ripe bananas perfect for any time of day
  • Brioche Au Tete
    An extremely versatile soft and rich bread given its texture from higher amounts of eggs and butter
  • Broiche Tropizienne
    A soft rich brioche with crispy craqueline and sandwiched with diplomat cream
  • Carrot Muffin
    Made with grated carrot these muffins give a super moist texture topped with a crispy cinnamon crumble
  • Croissant
    The essential breakfast pastry. A light and flaky raised breads created by making multiple layers of dough and butter and baking to crisp and gold
  • Doughnut
    Light yeasted raised doughnuts fried and coated with a sweet sugar icing
  • Palmier
    Flaky puff pastry dough shaped like palm leaves and coated in sugar. Baked until golden brown giving a really crisp and flaky cookie to serve with coffee or tea
  • Pan Au Raisin
    A classic danish made from laminated pastry rolled with pastry cream and raisins
  • Pan au Chocolate
    Pan chocolate is light and flaky pastry made from a flaky buttery dough and filled with dark chocolate before baking
  • Bermuda Triangle
    Brioche dough filled with mango cream and topped with lemon sable
  • Brioche Feuillete
    Sweet and rich brioche dough that has undergone the lamination like croissant giving it a soft but flaky texture
  • Chocolate Almond Danish
    Homemade almond marzipan, dark chocolate, wrapped in croissant dough with a unique form of lamination creating a beautiful design
  • Dulce Broiche
    Brioche with its naturally soft and rich characteristics. Pairs with a crispy craqueline and homemade dulce de leche
  • Fruits & Nuts Danish
    This dough combines flaky croissant dough filled with homemade granola made from variety of dried fruits and nuts. Flaky and delicious 
  • Lemon Berry Brioche 
    Rich brioche combines with a lemon and blueberry jam creating rich, soft and sweet tastes and textures
  • Panettone
    Italian sweet bread with origin Milan, typically eaten at Christmas. It is made from a brioche like dough infused with raisin and orange peel.
    It is light in texture and buttery taste
  • Pithivier
    This French classic is thought to come from the town of pithivier France. There are many varieties of the pithivier for many occasions but this classic consists of invert puff pastry and almond cream
  • Raspberry Bi-Colour Croissant
    Learn to make popular bi color croissant filled with homemade raspberry jam

What is included in the fee?

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