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Blow them away with Dulcypas R, now loaded more than ever

With the new edition of Dulcypas R, you will have an exceptional ally to diversify and improve your repertoire of products like you have never had before. Why? Because our annual recipe book is back and loaded more than ever, with a 20% increase in the number of recipes, reaching over 800 recipes. And because this is a hallmark of our magazine, all the recipes are signed by great professionals whose talent and quality help to make the sector evolve. This is not just a few names, the number of collaborators is close to 80, meaning a wide variety of styles and sensibilities.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dulcypas R, let us tell you that we have reached the tenth edition of a volume that compiles all the recipes published throughout 2016 in our magazine. What has made it one of our most successful publications, besides the quality of the recipes, is the organization of the contents, specially designed for your reference, distributed in families, types of products, and ingredients, making it the perfect ally for your daily work.


• Over 800 recipes

• More than 75 collaborating chefs

• 11 large families of final creations

• 128 cakes and baked goods

• 79 sablés, streusels, and other crisp pastries

• 98 mousses

• 146 cremes and crémeux

• 49 gelatins and gelées

• 51 ganaches and other bonbon fillings

• 52 pralines, giandujas, and other creations with nuts

• and so on until reaching 806 recipes.


Dulcypas "r" is included in the subscription of the print format of Dulcypas magazine

Language: spanish

Segunda Edición Premio Dulcypas

Mejor Pasta de Té Artesana de España 2016

Pastas participantes y recetario de las 30 pastas finalistas

En este recetario recogemos las fotografías de las pastas de té concursantes, con especial atención a las 30 finalistas, de las que incluimos la correspondiente receta, y extendiéndonos lógicamente en la creación ganadora, preparada por Abraham Balaguer, de la heladería/pastelería Rocambolesc (Girona). Con esta publicación queremos demostrar que la artesanía pastelera de nuestro país está preparada para ofrecer al público un producto de altísima calidad y de excepcional presentación. 

A special cookbook (only in spanish): 139 tea pastries from 139 Spanish pastry shops, corresponding to the Dulcypas Competition for the Best Artisanal Tea Pastry 2015. Get the widest selection of tea pastries in just one volume!


HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO 1er Premio Dulcypas a la Mejor Pasta de Té Artesana