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Dulcypas "R" has become one of our most successful publications. Our readers find it extremely valuable to be able to have all those recipes that were published in Dulcypas throughout the year collated within one volume, to then quickly and rapidly find whatever solution they need.

The recipes are grouped by categories (a total of 10), and then within those categories, sections and sub-sections, where you can search for something as specific as a chocolate sponge, and then find not just one example, but up to 20 distinct types of chocolate sponge cake from different authors. From there, you only have to choose which among them most meet your needs.

Every published recipe is tagged with information about its author and the Dulcypas edition in which it appeared originally. And so, whatever you want to know about any recipe, i.e. whatever cake, dessert, only need to refer to that particular edition for all the information you need.

Dulcypas "R" is a not only a recipe book of the highest quality. As already mentioned, its contents are also the most up-to-date, reflecting all the work taking place in the workshops around the world in the past 12 months. It is not about past recipes that are out-of-fashion. On the contrary, they are recipes that represent the most recent trends in pastry cooking, produced by the great maestros of the profession, not only from within Spain but from the world over.


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Much more than a cookbook

Dulcypas R remains the ideal product to feed the professional’s imagination and creativity, a tool that allows you to explore all the creations of the year published in Dulcypas in terms of flavors (strawberry, chocolate, lemon ...), component (cookie, frosting, gelatin ...) or this year’s novelties, family (cakes, individual, logs, pastries, etc.)

  • Six volumes of Dulcypas grouped together
  • Nearly 700 recipes
  • 78 collaborating chefs
  • 8 large families of final creations
  • 28 cakes
  • 15 bûches and other formats
  • 37 individual pieces
  • 52 pieces of pastries
  • 24 bonbons
  • 12 tartlets
  • 190 chocolate components
  • 31 raspberry components


Dulcypas "r" is included in the subscription of the print format of Dulcypas magazine

Language: spanish

Blow them away with Dulcypas R, now loaded more than ever

With the new edition of Dulcypas R, you will have an exceptional ally to diversify and improve your repertoire of products like you have never had before. Why? Because our annual recipe book is back and loaded more than ever, with a 20% increase in the number of recipes, reaching over 800 recipes. And because this is a hallmark of our magazine, all the recipes are signed by great professionals whose talent and quality help to make the sector evolve. This is not just a few names, the number of collaborators is close to 80, meaning a wide variety of styles and sensibilities.

For those of you who are not familiar with Dulcypas R, let us tell you that we have reached the tenth edition of a volume that compiles all the recipes published throughout 2016 in our magazine. What has made it one of our most successful publications, besides the quality of the recipes, is the organization of the contents, specially designed for your reference, distributed in families, types of products, and ingredients, making it the perfect ally for your daily work.


• Over 800 recipes

• More than 75 collaborating chefs

• 11 large families of final creations

• 128 cakes and baked goods

• 79 sablés, streusels, and other crisp pastries

• 98 mousses

• 146 cremes and crémeux

• 49 gelatins and gelées

• 51 ganaches and other bonbon fillings

• 52 pralines, giandujas, and other creations with nuts

• and so on until reaching 806 recipes.


Dulcypas "r" is included in the subscription of the print format of Dulcypas magazine

Language: spanish

The 2018 manual to diversify and evolve your formulation without limits

The most anticipated publication of the year, the annual Dulcypas recipes book, reaches its tenth anniversary with some significant figures. 847 recipes classified in 11 large families of products, such as glazes, pralinés, mousses, creams, sponge cakes, etc. A comfortable manual whose seal of guarantee is based on the 75 authors who contribute with their creations to awaken creativity and to evolve recipes to better satisfy the concerns of the current consumer.


Sin gluten, sin huevo, más aire, más crujiente

Por primera vez en los más de 10 años de historia del anual de recetas más importante de la pastelería, Dulcypas R, supera la barrera de las 1.000 elaboraciones. Una suma nada desdeñable y que sirve de escaparate para apreciar como los chefs colaboradores de la revista atienden a las demandas del consumidor, actualizando recetas tradicionales, substituyendo ingredientes alérgenos, etc. La herramienta ideal para diversificar el repertorio de creaciones propias por sabores, formatos y texturas. Poner al día el repertorio de fórmulas de un obrador nunca fue más fácil.


  • Más de 1.000 recetas
  • 76 chefs colaboradores
  • 11 grandes familias
  • 141 bizcochos y masas horneadas con y sin gluten
  • 105 sablés, streussels y masa crujientes
  • 143 cremas y cremosos con y sin huevo
  • 140 mousses, esponjosos y ganaches montadas
  • 116 almíbares, salsas, mermeladas y confituras
  • 99 glasados y pinturas
  • Y también pralinés, rellenos crujientes, preparados con frutos secos, helados y sorbetes, gelatinas y pastas de frutas, decoraciones, caramelos, espumas, merengues, salados y bebidas
  • Recetas clasificadas por ingredientes

Dulcypas "r" está incluida en la suscripción a la revista Dulcypas en formato papel.