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Ramon Morató goes over 15 innovative projects in which he analyzes current pastry and chocolate making through the prism of science, anthropology, nutrition, sociology, design, and craftsmanship.

The second and eagerly awaited book by Ramon Morató (his first being the highly regarded Chocolate, first published in 2007) will surprise anyone who gets their hands on it. Within this book's pages, the chef approaches pastry and chocolate with a 360-degree view, from knowledge and science, the latest trends and new consumption habits, and the spectacular design of his creations with their corresponding recipes and techniques.
Through 15 chapters or projects, Morató presents, for example, the definitive study on a peculiar Japanese cake; a deep multidisciplinary analysis on the so-called healthy pastry or a scientifically-based study on ganache, with vegan versions, one shot, water-based, for long-term conservation, and the revolutionary praline ganache, among many other topics.

But the reader will also find almost a hundred creations such as bonbons, bars, cotton cheesecakes, plate desserts, macarons, cakes, entremets, tartlets, snacks, ice cream, choux, tarts...

Files features creative design by ZOO Studio, spectacular photos by Ivan Raga, and is published by Books for Chefs and so good..magazine.
If you liked Chocolate you cannot miss out on this amazing Files.

26 pastry chefs come together in this so good.. 26 to continue sharing, because sharing is a way of moving forward, a way of growing, a way of living.

Fresh, artisanal, and original. The cover of so good..magazine, signed by Frank Haasnoot, sums up the content of this 26th issue very well, an issue in which we have gathered 26 chefs who provide us with up to fifty incredible creations.

A pig's blood ice cream, a laurel ganache, a lemon-shaped brioche, croissants in three colors, a waffle-bar, a pea-green mousse, a buffalo milk mousse ... As well as four ways of interpreting the Saint Honoré, five spectacular chocolate fillings, an XXL éclair, ants encased in amber, a zucchini flower with honey and snow chrysanthemum, a cherry and pistachio crown, a fermented cashew cream...

An amazing issue that you cannot miss.


Saint Honoré turns 175 years old
Dinara Kasko, Riding the waves
Jérémy del Val, Breathing in a new aroma
Saray Ruiz, Upside down, inside out
Zhou Xiaohu, Saint Honoré tree

Rasmus Munk, Stirring up the diner
Christophe Adam, The genie grows
Nina Métayer, Unstoppable progression
Gonzo Jiménez, ‘Miette et Chocolat’ where magic happens
Zhou Xiaohu, Devil is in the details
Jan Proot, Renewing to remain at the top
Jiho Kim, Embracing change
Roberto Cortez, Floral sensitivity
Matthieu Atzenhoffer, Competing to learn
Vicky Lau & Nocar Lo, The charm of finding balance
Miko Aspiras, Smoked, fermented and coagulated
Alexandre Fink, Natural scenes
Szilárd Tóth & Csenge Dusha, A trip to the heart of Hungary
Luciano García, Connected with the land

Only cocoa, nothing more and nothing less
Andrey Dubovik & Ronya Belova, Crowned with laurel
Frank Haasnoot, Fruit is beautiful
Melissa Coppel, Sensory journey
Kirsten Tibballs, Sweet & savory
Emmanuel Ryon, Homage

Jordi Farrés, Dream of a heady chocolate
Files by Ramon Morató, Much more than a pastry book